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In this traditional delivery system, an owner engages an architectural firm to create drawings and specifications, which are subsequently shared with a general contractor (GC) for pricing.  While general contracting follows a straightforward process, it may not maximize the overall value for the client, as it doesn't fully leverage the contractor's expertise and potential cost-saving ideas during the design phase.


In a construction management project, the client engages with the construction manager (CM) from the project's inception.  The CM closely partners with the client and architectural firm to develop bid documents, establish budgets, schedules, procurement strategies, as well as implement safety and quality control measures.  This approach offers a superior overall value to the client, maximizing efficiency and cost-effectiveness.

Adam Caar

Design/build is a project delivery method that provides the client with a single point of contact, where one firm assumes responsibility for both the design and construction phases.  This streamlined approach can result in time and cost savings, as the collaborative efforts of the design and construction teams facilitate the creation of an efficient and cost-effective project, encompassing the entire process from initiation to completion.


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